The Only CleanMyMac Review That You Need

We make sure that we clear out our overstocked closets and throw out all of our old junk, so why do we avoid the task when it comes to our computers?

Once you have decided to clean your Mac, it becomes a lot more difficult to decide which program to use. Often we can turn to a trusted app cleaner review, but it is very difficult to know which one is actually providing a real account of the software.

To avoid any confusion or bias in our guidance we have collected together a large number of CleanMyMac reviews and combined all the information into a single comprehensive review. With these details, you will be able to know exactly what to expect from the CleanMyMac app and what its limitation are.

The Development of CleanMyMac 3 Review

It is important to understand that this software has been rapidly improved and that any information provided by a CleanMyMac 2 review should not be taken into account, as this was the old version of the app.

It can be seen in many of the CleanMyMac 2 reviews that there were problems with customization, and the software was not able to clean into the deepest recesses of the machine. With the updates included in CleanMyMac 3, this is no longer a concern and now this program is one of the most flexible cleaner apps available.

Clean My Mac Review

With CleanMyMac 3 you can now enjoy access to:

  • Smart customized cleanup
  • The option to focus on specific areas of your Mac including trash bins, iPhoto junk and mail
  • A file shredder
  • Options to change your online privacy functions

Clean My Mac Review

It can be seen in the reviews of the application that these are not simply empty promises but rather highly effective features that achieve incredible results every time they are used.

As can be seen in the list of options, it is the flexibility of CleanMyMac 3 that sets it apart from the previous edition and from the competition. You are able to choose between a comprehensive scan and clean or focus on very specific aspects of your Mac. This has made this application a leader and it is highly praised in a range of Clean My Mac reviews.

Using the Information from a CCleaner for Mac Review

There is a great deal that CleanMyMac 3 can do for a user, but it is also limited in several ways. Understanding the limitation of the program is the key to using it successfully.

One of the major cons to using this app is surprisingly also one of its biggest positives. When you use the basic smart scan, it is very careful to not delete anything which is used at all. This feature can sometimes be over cautious, and it results in the app not achieving a complete clean.

While this can be a problem at first, it is very easy to adjust the settings so the scan knows exactly what you would like to keep and what is not important to you. In fact, CleanMyMac starts to incorporate your preferences into future scans and cleans. Many users do not see this as a negative as they would prefer that the program opted for safety rather than deleting something important.

Some other limitations are based on parts of the Mac that can be overloaded in other ways. It is important that you combine using CleanMyMac 3 with the following procedures:

  • Check that you have updated your operating system
  • Make sure you turn off some of the unnecessary apps in the startup menu
  • If you are using your Mac for intensive work it might be necessary to update your hardware for more RAM or hard drive space

The reviews of CleanMyMac clearly state that if you follow these steps as well as use the app, you will immediately notice that your Mac will be more efficient and will run better than before.