There are different aspects that go into planning a bathroom renovation. Some of these factors are unexpected. A bathroom renovation project isn’t a minor one in terms of time and money spent on the project. It is a huge financial investment that needs a lot of research and consideration before you dive in.

Before you start your bathroom remodeling Des Moines IA project, here are some things to consider:

Recessed Medicine Cabinets

This will produce a hidden storage area and appear clean in your bathroom. It means you can’t use the area for a recessed medicine cabinet if plumbing pipes run inside the wall behind your vanity. That’s why you should plan ahead to reconfigure the pipes in that place if you really want to have a recessed medicine cabinet in your bathroom.

Tub and Shower Drain Size

Think about how big you want the size of your tub and shower drain to be. The standard of the industry is a 1.5-inch drain. Usually, this will be the first option for most professionals. However, the issue with this small drain is that it immediately becomes clogged with debris, such as soap scum and hair. While a bigger drain is a little costlier upfront, upgrading to a bigger drain can save you money in the future when it comes to maintenance.


It’s vital to have storage in the bathroom to keep important counter space clean and clear. Invest in high-quality bathroom cabinets that will not warp in the moist and humid environment of your bathroom. These cabinets and drawers will be utilized every day. Thus, craftsmanship and quality materials will help optimize the lifespan of these amenities.

Slip-Resistant Flooring

Your bathroom will always be wet. When choosing flooring for your bathroom renovation, it is best to pick a slip-resistant material. This will help prevent falling when you get out of the shower. Wide grout lines and small tile in the shower produce friction that can avoid slips. There are a lot of cheap and beautiful flooring options that suit any design style. Also, you can try to install electric heated flooring if you live in a cold location.

Think About the Essentials

A bathroom renovation cost will depend on what you want to include and what you want to change. You should cut out the extras of your remodeling plan if you want to design on a budget. The minor luxuries are nice and actually improve a space. However, they are not vital to the functionality of your bathroom.

Evaluate Your Finances

While you can research the average cost of bathroom remodeling, all renovation projects are unique. The cost that you will have to spend will greatly depend on the intensity of the project, the size of your bathroom, and the material’s quality. You should know how much you’re willing to spend first before you can start your renovation project. Aside from that, it is ideal to ask for several estimates from different contractors. Make sure your expectations are realistic.